5 Card Stud Strategy

Five Card Stud is definitely one of the most unique poker games I have ever played. They is very little mystery in 5 card stud because the other players will be able to see 4 of your five cards. You may think it would be hard to bluff in a game like this but when you are at the tables it’s a different story. The best 5 card stud strategy has nothing to do with how you bet or what cards you get but paying attention to how the other players play. You will need to take notes on all the other players and soon you will start to be able to see patterns that can make the game very profitable. Another important strategy is paying close attention to what cards other players have.

f your hole card is a king and there are two other kings on the table, than the odds of you catching them are very remote. This game can be mastered by mathematics. If you know the odds of catching your pair or the odds another player is bluffing you can win a lot of money at the 5 card stud tables. Lets take a look at what you can do to give your self the greatest odds at winning. To start, if you can’t beat the hand someone is dealt than you should fold. Here is an example:

Player 1 : ? � K
Player 2 : ? � 10
Your Cards : 4 � Q

This should be an automatic fold. Why go into a game already behind in hand strength? The bets time to bluff is when you had to make the initial bet because you had the lowest hand. When this happens you make want to call the other players bets until the 3 rd or 4 th card hoping to make a pair and if you don’t perhaps try and bluff. The best way for other players to think of you is a tight player. You may want to start off you session at the table very tight with very few bluffs and then step it up and bluff a lot for a while. You can bring in many pots this way.

The players that can win you the most money in 5 card stud are the Holdem and Omaha players that give 5 card stud a try out of boredom. These players are used to wild aggressive play and will usually leave after losing whatever they bought in for. These are the players that can win you a lot of money. They almost always call the first two or three bets hoping to catch a pair. Five card stud is such a tight game that sometimes this wild strategy will win them money but more often than not, they lose. You should never call bets when you are statistically beat. 5 card stud is not a game of luck but is a game of pure mathematical odds. You can win a lot of money but it will take a lot of patience. Try out these 5 card stud strategies and see what happens.

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