5 Card Draw Strategy

The best five card draw strategy is not set in stone. When you are playing online you will certainly have to worry about hand selection and knowing your opponents. You should always take notes on your opponents to keep track of playing patterns and such. 5 card draw is a simple game but it can also be a profitable one.

The most important strategy tip is hand selection. If you are playing at a table with four other players and you get dealt a hand like AK495 with no flush draw, you should fold. It always depends on how many players are in the hand and position but you should never call the blind without a pair or a draw, even if you are in the small blind.

Position is 5 card draw is very important. If you get dealt 2249Q in early position you should probably fold if there are more than 1 or 2 other players. If you are in late position and no one raises than calling might be a good move. In 5 card draw there is a lot of raising pre-draw so you don’t want to call with a weak hand and get raised by the person next to you. Is that pair of 2’s worth 2 blinds? I don’t think so but after you already put in one your going to be tempted to put in the other. It is best just to avoid that situation entirely by using a sound 5 card draw hand selection strategy.

Another great thing about 5 card draw is the fact that you get to see how many cards each player draws. This can tell you much about a players hand. 5 card draw is a game of pairs, two-pairs, three of a kinds and the occasional higher hand. You will notice that most of the time a player will draw 3 cards, signifying that the player has a pair. If a player raises before the draw and then draws 3 cards, it is safe to assume that player has a high pair. The same goes with players that raise and take 1 card. If this happens there are three likely scenarios:

  1. The player has two pair.
  2. The player has a straight/flush draw and is semi-bluffing.
  3. The player has three of a kind and is trying to hide it from you by keeping that extra card.

If a player raises before the draw and only draws two cards than there are two likely possibilities:

  • The player has three of a kind.
  • The player has a pair and is getting a high card such as an ace with his pair.

There are many ways to fool your opponents into thinking you have more/less than you really do. Every now and then some players raise before the draw and draw 0 cards. Most people assume they have a straight/flush and fold unless they catch one to. While this is a dangerous tactic it certainly doesn’t hurt to try every now and then to throw your opponents off your playing style.

Bluffing after the draw is also a common practice at the tables. Reading bluffs in almost impossible to do online but after you call a person on a couple bluff you will have an idea of how that player plays. Lets say you’ve been playing at a table for an hour and one of the players has been called out on bluffs a few times. Since you know that player likes to bluff a lot you should adjust your play to capitalize off of it. Lets say that you and the player that bluffs a lot just received your draw cards and they didn’t improve your pair of 10’s and the other player bets. Normally you would probably fold, but it might make sense to call every now and then with hands like those and catch him in his bluff.

Now that you know the basic strategies of 5 card draw, you should try them out at the tables. Remember to always pay attention to how many cards each player draws and look for patterns in each of your opponents play so you can exploit them. 5 card draw tips like these can male the difference between winning and losing.